Retail Sales Associate

Position Title:              Retail Sales Associate

Reports To:                  Retail Team Leader / Garden Center Manager

Position Purpose:  Retail sales associates sell quality products and plants and provide unmatched service to customers in the retail garden center as well as handle all cashier duties.  Must be passionate, approachable and detailed oriented with a desire to learn.  Plant knowledge is highly desirable.

Essential Functions and Typical Tasks:

I. Function: Cashier and maintain POS.

Typical Tasks:

  1. Complete all retail transactions, including ROA, at POS counter.
  2. Properly package merchandise and provide customers with carry-out assistance.
  3. Assist Receptionist with incoming call volume.
  4. Keep POS counter clean and organized.

Performance Meets Minimum Expectations When:

  1. POS transactions and cash till are accurate per daily report.
  2. Customer feedback is positive.

II. Function: Prepare and display merchandise for sale.

  1. Typical Tasks:
  2. Receive, price and display merchandise in retail center.
  3. Ensure all products are tagged with price, appropriate identification and proper signage.
  4. Move inventory as necessary to fill voids and maintain a complete, fresh look.
  5. Create visually inviting displays with product and plant material.
  6. Visually check inventories and become familiar with sales trends.
  7. Keep retail center clean and organized.
  8. Communicate with Retail Team Leader regarding inventory, dumpage and needed repairs and supplies. Record information as required.

Performance Meets Minimum Expectations When:

  1. Product is maintained so there is little, if any, dumpage.
  2. Retail center is consistently maintained and organized as required by supervisor.
  3. Displays are orderly and visually attractive as evidenced by supervisor.
  4. Tagging and pricing is accomplished accurately and timely.
  5. Customer feedback is positive.
  6. Required records are consistently and accurately maintained as mandated by supervisor.

III. Function:  Sell merchandise.

  1. Typical Tasks:
  2. Greet and direct customers according to their needs.
  3. Respond to customer questions.
  4. Maintain familiarity with current inventory.
  5. Maintain knowledge of retail center products and basic knowledge of nursery stock, annuals, perennials and houseplants.
  6. Direct complaints to a department Team Leader or the Garden Center Manager.
  7. Issue guarantees based on company policy.
  8. Prepare premises at opening and secure premises at closing.

Performance meets Minimum Expectations When:

  1. Department sales goals are met within acceptable tolerances.
  2. Customer feedback is positive.
  3. Premises are maintained and secure.


Experience in the green industry preferred.  High School diploma or equivalent required.  Pesticide Applicators License beneficial.

Required Competencies:

  1. CUSTOMER/PUBLIC INTERACTIONS – Must be able to provide courteous, personal attention to promote individual customer satisfaction and the public perception and reputation of the organization. Takes advantage of opportunities to sell the services offered by the organization to diverse groups of customers.
  2. COMMUNICATION METHODS – Must be able to get important points across in the process of accurately responding to the satisfaction of the customer and greenhouse team. Listens carefully to complex issues in order to effectively respond.
  3. CO-WORKER RELATIONSHIPS – Must be able to cooperatively interact with co-workers so as to promote an efficient, productive work unit. Sets a harmonious, respectful example for other co-workers.  Promotes teamwork from one work unit to another, recognizing the necessity of interdepartmental cooperation and the importance of the contributions of others for the successful achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives.
  4. SUBORDINATE RELATIONS/LEADERSHIP – Must be able to effectively lead and support others to achieve expected results.  Must be able to facilitate the flow of work within the department.
  5. TIME MANAGEMENT, USE OF WORK TIME – Must be able to organize and prioritize tasks to maximize productive results. Deadlines are met and customer services are expediently delivered.
  6. PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION, FOLLOW-THROUGH – Must be able to organize an assignment or project and follow it through to completion within the time allotted. Ensures the assimilation of all necessary components of a project.  Complexity of projects requires attention to detail and consistent follow-up to ensure successful completion without degradation of quality.
  7. INDEPENDENT SELF-DIRECTION – Must be able to fulfill the responsibilities of the position level with little or no supervision. Makes prudent decisions.  Seeks opportunities to develop personal abilities.
  8. PROBLEM-SOLVING – Must be able to resolve problems that challenge production. Analyzes and develops timely, conclusive solutions.  Is forward thinking and creative.  Generates ideas or applies existing ideas in new ways.

 Physical Demands and Work Environment:

Must be comfortable in a retail environment as well as with other outdoor exposures including but not limited to cold, heat, sun, rain and wind.  Extended hours may be required during peak seasons.  Must be available to work weekends and a flexible schedule of mornings and evenings.  Extensive standing and physical activity (bending, stretching, pushing and pulling).  Must be able to lift 20 pounds unassisted on a regular basis.

This position description is meant to describe the typical kinds of duties or difficulty level that may be required of positions with this title.  The use of a particular expression shall not limit or exclude other duties or difficulty levels not mentioned.  This position description is not meant to limit or modify the organization’s right to assign, direct or control the work assigned to this position.  It is possible that each listed duty may not be assigned to each incumbent.

Hourly wages are dependent on experience.

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